Amateur & Pro

Whether you are an Olympian or an age-group Ironman competitor, the Berkeley Fit® platform will help you optimize our daily intake of nitrate rich leafy greens, beets, and other supplements to reduce your recovery times and maximize your performance on race day.

Heart Healthy

Whether you are a consumer that is following a diet such as the DASH diet, rich in beets and leafy greens, or recognize the role that nitric oxide rich foods and supplements play in your cardiovascular health and fitness, then the Berkeley Fit® platform is for you.

Doctors &

If you are a medical professional that understands the role that nutrition plays in cardiovascular wellness and fitness, the Berkeley Fit® platform helps you monitor the dietary compliance of your patients and clients.

Functional Food

If you are a manufacturer of a nitric oxide rich food or supplement, Berkeley Fit® helps you connect with your customers and better understand how your customers are using your products and how your product performs in real world conditions.

The Berkeley Fit® Solution

An Integrated Platform

Nitric Oxide Test Strips

Our platform is compatible with the easy to use salivary Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test® which provide consumers with instant feedback on how well their nitrate rich foods and supplements are being metabolized.

Test Strip Reader for Smartphones

Using your smartphone's sophisticated camera and operating system, just scan your test trip and record your results for later analysis.

Partner Integrations

Because we understand the impact that nitric oxide has upon sleep and blood pressure, we have integrated with blood pressure and sleep measurement devices from Withings, Omron, Fitbit and Jawbone.

Powerful Analytics

Our platform helps consumers to understand the impact that foods have upon their nitric oxide status and determine which foods work best for their individual situation.

How it Works

Eat. Test. Record. Analyze.


Nitric Oxide Test Strip Reader


Effortless Readings

Just open the app and align the test strip in the viewfinder. The app automatically detects the test pad, meausures the color, and records your reading for future analysis.


Get convenient reminders, whether its been a while since your last nitric oxide test, or whether your nitric oxide levels are getting low and its time to load up on your favorite NO-rich food or supplement.

Custom Branding

This reader may be private labeled for selected manufacturers and partners.

Fully Connected

Connected via the powerful Berkeley Fit API, the app saves your latest recording to your personal profile where you can access your history, and analyze which products work best for you.

Log your nitric oxide rich meals

Select from your favorite nitric oxide rich foods and supplements to keep track of your nitric oxide intake.

Our Analytics

Powerful Visualization and Analysis Tools

Product Performance

Consumers can now understand which foods have the greatest impact upon their nitric oxide status. Nutritionists and medical professions can see which foods work best across the broader population.

Powerful Comparisons

Get access to live, data-driven head-to-head comparisons between nitric oxide supplements. Find out which ones work and which ones dont based on live customer data.


Blood Pressure Impact

Nutritional professionals can see the impact that their dietary approaches are having upon their dietary approaches are having upon their clients blood pressure.

Client Insights

For the first time, nutritionists can can get a real-time glimpse of of how their clients dietary compliance.

Our Connected Health Partners

Integrated with Leading Connected Health Devices

Blood Pressure Monitors

The impact that nitric oxide levels have upon the blood pressure in prehypertensives has been well documented.

Through our integrations with Omron, Withings and iHealth, consumers can fully the impact that their nitric oxide levels has upon their blood pressure.

Activity Tracking

While maintaining elevated nitric oxide levels increases athletic time to exhaustion, high intensity exercise also depletes our stores of nitric oxide

Through our integrations with Fitbit, Withings, and Jawbone our customers can now track the impact that exercise has upon their their nitric oxide economy.

Sleep Monitors

Maintaining elevated nitric oxide levels has been shown for some consumers to result in higher duration and quality of sleep

Through our integrations with sleep tracking wearables from Withings, Fitbit, and Jawbone, Berkeley Fit customers can now measure the impact that their nitric oxide levels have upon their sleep health.

Nitric Oxide Test Strips

The Berkeley Fit® platform currently supports the patented nitric oxide test strips from Berkeley Test®


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Berkeley Fit® is a next generation connected nutrition platform. Our integrated platform enables consumers to optimize their nitric oxide status and nutritionists to monitor dietary compliance of heart healthy diets.

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